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    Ensuring that every detail is considered and each matter of importance is properly handled.


    Ensuring that every detail is considered and each matter of importance is properly handled.


Heartwood Renovations follows a specific process for each project that we accept. While the design details vary depending on the construction/renovation work required to achieve the desired results, the fundamental process remains the same. Here is a look at each phase that must be implemented to achieve a successful finish.

The Initial Design Phase

The Initial Design Phase

As renovating contractors, we understand the value of guided design planning, which is why we provide support along the way. Beginning with the initial design consultation and continuing into the conceptualization of each selection, we assist with the selection of materials, colors, fixtures (kitchen and other), lighting schemes, flooring, interior wall textures, exterior finishes, counters, cabinetry, interior finishes, and custom carpentry. This process includes the planning of installation patterns and designs.

  • Secondary Design Phase
  • Secondary Design Phase

    During secondary design planning, measurements are taken, architectural drawings are created, and necessary permits are obtained. This drawing includes the following aspects of the project: location, floor plan, demolition, framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, windows, doors, mechanical, and structural. The exterior of the home is included in the drawings along with the landscaping.

Project Consultation

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During the consultation phase, schematic drawings are reviewed. If required, modifications are discussed with the client and incorporated into the project. At this time, project budgeting is put into place, ensuring the customer is aware of the overall cost expectation.

Project Implementation

During the project implementation phase, several aspects are handled in preparation of commencing the actual work. Engineering aspects of the project are studied and readied. Materials are purchased. Trades are selected. Contracts are prepared and signed by all interested parties. A construction schedule is created for the purpose of keeping the project on target with the expected date of completion.

Construction Phase

Construction Phase

During the construction phase as with all other stages of the renovation, maintaining open lines of communication is critical. The client is kept informed of the project's progress at all times. Each aspect of the project is properly completed according to the pre-determined plan. This phase begins with necessary demolition and progresses through the framing, roofing, siding, utilities, insulation, drywall, cabinetry, flooring, wall treatments, windows, and doors.

Inspection Phase

A thorough inspection of the project is performed at its completion. The client is consulted at this time for feedback and to ensure satisfaction with the final result.


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